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How it all began

The idea of creating the NPO "BUILDIT Ukraine" came up with an understanding of the problem of lack of practical skills among future specialists. During this time, dozens of educational projects and events were created and implemented.

Opening of BUILDIT Open Lab - the first BIM\VDC laboratory in Ukraine
The BUILDIT Open Lab opening. It is the first BIM\VDC laboratory in Ukraine based on O.M. Beketov National University of Urban Economy in Kharkiv.

The primary goal of this space is to provide students with theoretical and practical knowledge of BIM. The laboratory has powerful computers and modern engineering software, which students can use for studying and diploma or term papers. In addition, this is a place for experienced professionals to hold open lectures and share their practical experience.
Educational events within BUILDIT Open Lab project
Specialists working with virtual construction held several educational events for students. There they shared their knowledge and experience gained while working on real projects.
2016 - 2017
First online courses launch
Implementation of the "BIM technology" certificate program
Implementation of the educational program "BIM technology" to the educational process of the O.M. Beketov National University of Urban Economy in Kharkiv. Curriculum transformation and the launch of BUILDIT Lab online courses have made BIM/VDC knowledge more accessible to students across the country.
27 вересня 2018
NPO "BUILDIT Ukraine" became an Authorized Academic Partner of Autodesk
The AAP status allows BUILDIT Ukraine to officially educate anyone who wants about the use of professional software and to issue a certificate. In this way, BUILDIT Ukraine supports the professional development of students, young scientists, postgraduates, teachers, and specialists.
Roadshow around specialized universities of UkraineThe signing of the Memorandum on cooperation with KNUUE, PDABA, and PoltNTU
Spreading BIM knowledge all over the country.Several universities were visited with open lectures and workshops dedicated to the latest technologies in the industry.

The signing of memorandums on cooperation with the country's leading universities creates opportunities to integrate modern information technologies into the educational process, expand students' practical skills, and make modern theoretical knowledge more accessible.
Conducting VDC Roasting, the all-Ukrainian student competition in virtual construction
VDC Roasting is a student team competition for ambitious, and fearless architects, designers, and engineers.

The tasks were similar to the real production activities. Performing these tasks, students learned VDC processes (Virtual Design and Construction)
- solved problem cases in 4D logistics
- learned how to enable the future object to use the natural resources rationally
- process nultidisciplinary coordination
Pilot project "Dual education of construction specialists"
The initiative attempted to provide students with the opportunity to gain practical experience and new skills by working on a real project of the construction company AT "Trest Zhytlobud-1". Such cooperation is a step towards improving the construction and architectural specialties' educational process and long-term partnership relations.
Online elective "Virtual design and construction" for students of NUUEKh
Weekly during the semester, the NPO "BUILDIT Ukraine" representatives conducted online lectures aimed at expanding knowledge about virtual construction. Anyone willing could choose this elective as an additional subject and get access to practical materials and tests to complete during the semester.
Conducting international student competition VDC Roasting 2020
After conducting the first VDC Roasting in 2019 successfully, the competition reached a new level and became international.

The organizing team met challenges of 2020 courageously and changed the competition format to online.
Updated buildit.lab courses launch
The buildit.lab courses received an updated structure and content. A new, expanded, and more in-depth VDC Engineer 3.0 Basic and VDC Engineer 3.0 MEP courses were created.
Education of lecturers and students in cooperation with universities of Ukraine
Involvement of teachers in obtaining informal education, who, together with students, got access to theoretical materials and practical tasks of BUILDIT Ukraine.

For teachers, this is an opportunity to improve their qualifications and deepen their knowledge of virtual construction, and for students - additional skills and knowledge.
Subject "Virtual design and construction" for students of KNUUE
Virtual construction has become an independent educational subject integrated into the educational process of the architectural, construction, and engineering majors.
Opening of the educational online space buildit.lab
buildit.lab reformatted into an educational space, a place where students become closer to the field of virtual design and construction. Simultaneously with this space launching, there was an update of courses and an expansion of educational materials.
The signing of the Memorandum on cooperation with Lviv Polytechnic National University and KNUCA
This cooperation allows the integration of modern technologies into the educational process, improving students' practical skills and opening free access to up-to-date theoretical knowledge that will contribute to the creation of the Ukrainian segment of highly qualified specialists in construction majors.
Launch of the international student virtual construction competition GO buildit
GO buildit is a traditional annual international virtual design and construction competition.

The tasks of 2022 were expanded, and participants should immerse themselves in the process of creating a construction project in conditions close to real ones. Unfortunately, due to the war, work on the project was suspended
Buildit.lab educational materials reformatting
Transferring all educational materials to another platform allowed changing the format: no launching date and no deadlines. Courses can be started at any time and at one's own pace. Technical course supervisors continue to support students.
Activities of the organization during the war
BUILDIT Ukraine, as a public organization, took on the role of a volunteer and helps families and communities affected by the brutal invasion and military.

Organisations` projects continued education, uniting students all over the world, and fulfill their main mission - to teach, give a solid base of knowledge and practical skills.

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Oleg Demydenko
Board member of NPO “BuildIt Ukraine”
COO, Co-founder of Planit Inc.
Victor Galak
Board member of NPO “BuildIt Ukraine”
Project Executive and regional leader at Planit Inc.
Roman Makarov
Head of NPO “BuildIt Ukraine”
Product Manager at Planit App,
Igor Kirichenko
Technical Mentor
Kseniya Yevdokymenko
Project director
Yelyzaveta Shulhaievych
PR manager