during the war

All our efforts are directed towards helping the families of employees, students and the population of ukraine impacted by war

our focus

Helping the team and their families

Since the invasion started, the organization team has united its efforts to ensure the reliability and safety of employees of partner companies and their families.

Uniting and teaching students around the world

Given the conditions people found themselves in due to the full-scale invasion, most of the buildit.lab students were forced to leave their homes and find new living conditions.
Today, students are studying from 24 countries, including Ukraine. For the safest learning possible, we have removed any restrictions on learning, so everyone can complete the tasks at their own pace.

Support the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Our team also did not stand aside and was involved in helping the Armed Forces of Ukraine from the first day.
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Today, we are more than ever united by a common dream - to live in a free and peaceful Ukraine.

Any help now brings that moment closer. Join us in supporting Armed Forces.

Glory to Ukraine!