Buildit University
2014 - PRESENT
Project`s activities are directed towards involving students and educators into progress of modern construction through the use of digital technologies.

The ultimate goal is to contribute to the growth of the Ukrainian segment of highly skilled professionals and reduce the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical skills.

teach students
 improve the level of educators qualification

The first steps were made in 2014 on the basis of cooperation with the O.M. Beketov KNUUE. The first BIM lab in Ukraine was created there, also VDC-engineer curricula was introduced to the educational process of architectural and construction specialties.

Currently «BUILDIT Ukraine» is actively collaborating with the top universities in Ukraine. Engagement base on implementation of informal education tools in the curriculum of specialties.

ParTner universities


More than 30 educational activities for students of construction specialties were organized within the project scope.


August 4  | Online lecture
Online lecture "The role of BIM in post-war reconstruction" within KNUUE project "Innovative cities: best practices of post-war reconstruction"
In the lecture, Igor Kirichenko, technical mentor of Planit Inc. and BUILDIT Ukraine, told what role BIM can play in post-war reconstruction and how virtual construction can speed up the process and help avoid critical mistakes.
April 14  | Online lecture
Online lecture "Virtual design and construction" for students of King Danylo University
What are BIM and the importance of virtual construction? These are topics raised at the lecture for King Danylo University students.
February 14  | Online lecture
Online lecture "On the way to the professional career" for students of PSACEA
A lecture dedicated to the possible ways of developing as a professional and the importance of self-education.


September 22
The signing of the Memorandum on cooperation with Lviv Polytechnic National University and KNUCA
This cooperation allows the integration of modern technologies into the educational process of Lviv Polytechnic National University and KNUCA. It helps improving students' practical skills and opening free access to up-to-date theoretical knowledge that will contribute to the creation of the Ukrainian segment of highly qualified specialists in construction majors.
September - December | Educational program
The academic discipline "Virtual design and construction" for KNUUE students
Virtual construction has become an independent educational discipline integrated into the educational process of the architectural, construction, and engineering majors.
September - December | Educational program
Education of teachers and students in cooperation with universities of Ukraine
Both university lecturers and students can access BUILDIT Ukraine's theoretical materials and practical tasks. For lecturers, this is an opportunity to improve their qualifications and deepen their knowledge of virtual construction, and for students, it allows gaining new skills and knowledge.


October 29 - November 11 | Workshop
Workshops “From visual programming to additive manufacturing”
Three online workshops for students to gain basic skills in parametric design and additive manufacturing.1. Visual programming in Dynamo to solve the everyday problems of engineers, architects, and builders.
2. Generative Design - artificial intelligence for designing optimal products.
3. Additive Manufacturing is the production technology of the future.
September - December | Educational program online
Online elective "Virtual design and construction" for students of KNUUE
Weekly during the semester, the NPO "BUILDIT Ukraine" representatives conducted online lectures aimed at expanding knowledge about virtual construction. Anyone willing could choose this elective as an additional subject and get access to practical materials and tests to complete during the semester.
September - December | Educational project
Pilot project "Dual education of construction specialists"
The initiative attempted to provide students of the KNUUE with the opportunity to gain practical experience and new skills by working on a real project of the construction company "Trest Zhytlobud-1". Such cooperation is a step towards improving the construction and architectural specialties' educational process and long-term partnership relations.
April 28 | Online lecture
Online lecture for students of KHNADU "VDC in bridge and railway projects"
The lecture was devoted to the VDC processes in bridge construction, the bridge modeling process in Revit, and the integration of this software into other software complexes. As it was an online lecture, the students of KHNADU could interact with the speaker and ask questions.
March 3 | Lecture
BUILDIT Open Lab meetup with foreign students of O.M. Beketov NUUEKh
The first lecture on BIM and VDC for KNUUE foreign students. Students can use the BUILDIT Open Lab for a practical introduction to modern technologies.


December 24 | Lecture, Workshop
Lecture and workshop “Designers Hustles Harder”
Landscape architect Mykhailo Ponomarenko, a representative of the world-famous American company "EDSA", spoke about the basic principles of landscaping design for architects and the possibilities of using handy tools in landscape design. Also, he provided students with information regarding the internship opportunities at EDSA. At the workshop held after the lecture, the participants solidified the acquired knowledge in practice.
June 13 | Podcast
Podcast "Laser scanning and point clouds"
BUILDIT podcast with "UA Team" technical specialists, "Buildit Ukraine" course developers, and "Navigation Geodetic Center" representative Dmytro Eremenko discussing Point Cloud modeling.
March 12 | Webinar
Webinar "3D Coordination. Necessary analysis as part of the modern construction process"
During the webinar, the students got to know the main points of the coordination process, its impact on the project. And also the dependence of the final result on the construction site on the coordination process.
March 11 | Lecture
Lecture "Modern technologies in MEP"  for students of KNUUE,  PSACEA and PoltNTU
Experienced VDC engineers talked about the optimization of engineering systems construction processes at the construction site using modern technologies.


November 23 | Lecture
Lecture "Engineering systems and modern technologies" for students of KNUUE and KNUCEA
The lecturers, leading specialists of the NPO "BUILDIT Ukraine" partners, showed the importance of using modern digital technologies at all stages of work on a construction project on cases from their own experience.
October 11
The signing of the Memorandum of cooperation with National University "Yuri Kondratyuk Poltava Polytechnic"
The NPO "BUILDIT Ukraine" continues working on expanding the partnership with Ukrainian specialized universities. The main vector of partnership with the University is the involvement of students, young scientists, and teachers in educational projects related to the use of modern digital technologies in the construction industry and drawing attention to the development of modern construction.
October 10 | Competition
BUILDIT University Competition
A mini-competition among students of construction specialties of KNUUE and KNUCEA, during which the participants worked on the coordination process of a real project and gained a unique experience.
The representatives of the Webcor company, one of the leading companies on the west coast of the USA, evaluated the results.
October 10 | Lecture
Lecture “How industry changes nowadays” from Webcor team members for students of KNUUE
Members of the Webcor team, known for building many notable projects in the USA, visited Kharkiv. During this visit, they held an offline lecture for students of construction specialties of KNUUE and shared their experience of working on large-scale projects.
September 25
The signing of the Memorandum of cooperation with PSACEA
Attracting students' attention to modern construction development is the key goal of the partnership between the Academy and the NPO "BUILDIT Ukraine". Integrating the latest information and communication technologies into the educational process and thus improving theoretical knowledge and practical skills allows achieving this goal.
September 5
The signing of the Memorandum of cooperation with O.M. Beketov NUUEKh
It is the step for pursuing the common goal of the University and the NPO "BUILDIT Ukraine", which is the integration of modern information technologies into the educational process and improving the students' and teachers' practical skills.
September - October
Roadshow around specialized universities of Ukraine
Spreading BIM knowledge all over the country.
Several universities were visited with open lectures and workshops dedicated to the latest technologies in the industry:• O.M. Beketov National University of Urban Economy in Kharkiv
• Prydniprovska State Academy of Civil Engineering and Architecture
• National University Yuri Kondratyuk Poltava Polytechnic
• Dnipro University of Technology
• Lviv Polytechnic National University
• Kharkiv National Automobile and Highway University
• Kharkiv National University of Civil Engineering and Architecture
April 20
The opening of  the "MEGAPOLIS"
Participation in the technology transfer center "MEGAPOLIS" creation which combines science and business. It is a place for developing the regional innovation infrastructure and students' and teachers' scientific, creative and entrepreneurial potential.


Educational program
Implementation of the "BIM technology" certificate program and educational events based on cooperation with KNUUE
The certificate program "BIM technology" became part of the educational process for construction and architectural specialties of O.M. Beketov NUUEKh. This step allows students to independently choose a BIM course, perform practical tasks during the semester and take a test on the discipline.
Septembet | Online courses
BUILDIT Lab online courses launch
Curriculum transformation and the launch of BUILDIT Lab online courses have made BIM/VDC knowledge more accessible to students across the country.


Educational program
Educational events within BUILDIT Open Lab project
Specialists working with virtual construction held several educational events for students. They shared their knowledge and experience gained while working on real projects.
September 12
Opening of BUILDIT Open Lab - the first BIM\VDC laboratory in Ukraine
The BUILDIT Open Lab opening. It is the first BIM\VDC laboratory in Ukraine based in O.M. Beketov National University of Urban Economy in Kharkiv. The primary goal of this space is to provide students with theoretical and practical knowledge of BIM. The laboratory has powerful computers and modern engineering software, which students can use for studying and diploma or term papers. In addition, this is a place for experienced professionals to hold open lectures and share their practical experience.